About Sabeen and Shawn

About Shawn:

A native of Pakistan, Shawn moved to Maryland from the bustling streets of Karachi at the age of 11. Having acquired his education in the US, Shawn went on to become a successful IT security consultant with experience in project management, proposal development and has worked with a multitude of reputable clients.

By nature, this 30-something year old has a heart of gold, and strives to improve his quota in social responsibilty by tackling areas that need improvement in the lives of others. After completing a six-month stint in Alaska cleaning fish, Shawn often finds himself escaping to far off places to continue his exploration of the world and rekindle his appetite for traveling and mingling with locals.

Trying local food is a delight for his big brown eyes and soul, and seeing Shawn's face upon discovering a hawker stand on the colorful streets of Nepal is nothing but priceless.

About Sabeen:

As if living in parallel worlds, like Shawn, Sabeen spent her childhood playing in the narrow aleys of Lahore, Pakistan. She immigrated to New York at the young age of eight and found herself in a completely unfamiliar part of the world. This just may have been a blessing in disquise as it aroused a curiousity to delve into the unseen.

Sabeen completed her MBA in marketing and management and became a dynamic thinker as a marketing manager with experience in public relations, event planning, and international relations. A big part of her heart lies in volunteering, even if it's thousands of miles away. During travels, She enjoys the every-day moments of conversing with locals and hearing their life stories.

A natural flair for creating long-term friendships, she is never too shy to accept a two hour ride in the back of a rusty milk truck along the streets of Ecuador or sleep in a local's home in a small charming town in Turkey.

More about us..................

We both have done some previous traveling in Europe, Asia, Central America, North America, and Africa and now decided to embark on our dream of seeing the world for at least a year together as a couple. My husband calls it an extended honeymoon....

We got married in 2009 and before the plans were even laid out for that event, we knew that we wanted to embark on this opportunity to see some parts of the world. My wife has been my source of encouragement when I have been in doubt, trust me, this is a big deal for us to give up our jobs, move away from families, and put our trust in each other and in the hands of strangers. None the less, we both are ready and have begun preliminary planning, we need to rent the house, get rid of our cars, sell unnecessary items, I parted with my kayak, which I had for five years!

We consider ourselves to be rather cautious and so started planning for this with an eye towards saving our money and budgeting our allotments.

We hope that everyone out there finds this to be an inspiring blog and one that gets you to travel out there.


Shawn and Sabeen

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