China Found

We landed in China on the 14th after an 8 hour flight from Jakarta plus a 3 hour layover in Guangzhou to arrive in Beijing. We're staying in a pretty central spot by the Lama Temple in a hutong (alleyway) close to the subway and cultural sites. We plan on staying here to see the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, The Great Wall, Olympic Stadium, and tour some hutongs, the historic alleyways that have survived, which show a slice of the old China with terracotta roofs, little homes that dissappear around a bend, and old men riding bicycles.


  1. Dearest Shawn and Sabeen, have been enjoying reading your blogs and can't believe it's been a month already. Sounds amazing (except for the cockroaches/sleeping on the chairs part:))keep posting pictures and stay safe. Iram

  2. Thank you for sending pictures, Sabeen. They look absolutely amazing. Hope you and Shawn are doing well. Be safe and hope to read more of your posts soon. ^_^