A Big Wall

Traveling in China, especially in Beijing is very easy due to its excellent subway system. We were able to avoid tours altogether throughout our travels by taking local buses and riding the trains. The challenge lies in the fact that any one time, approximately 10 million Chinese are riding the trains/buses, so booking tickets a day or so in advance usually works out.

The Great Wall at Bedaling near Beijing is the most complete section of it and much of it has been rebuilt due to its proximity to the city. Our timing to visit such a popular destination worked out by doing our visit on a weekday but still the crowds were large since the Chinese travel in huge numbers with tour groups. The day was also pretty rainy and cold as this part of China was starting to get ready for winter. The hikes around the Wall are sort of tough as there are a lot of steep stairs followed up uphills and all of this is made the more difficult by the slippery ground and tourists waving umbrellas in front of your face. I kept thinking, sure we have travel insurance but the last thing I need right now is to be laid out because I can't see the path in front of me.

The spirit of the people at first seems pushy but once you realize that it's not discriminitory but dished out the same way to everyone, you quickly get the hang of things and everything works out great. The site was full of both local and outside tourists but walking to the far section of the Wall, we were able to have a one-to-one experience and finally felt the peace and quiet and were able to reflect on the beauty and the history of this place. Apparently climbing the Wall is only for men as the saying goes that "he who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man" by Mao, so now I should feel complete??

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