Beautiful Thailand Beaches

As soon as we returned to Thailand from the visa run got an evening bus to Chumpon and ate dinner at the market before departing. We caught a swangthaw to the closed bus station but found out that we could hail a passing bus, so after waiting 5 minutes got on the way and arrived in Chumpon two hours later. At the guest house, the owner was awfully pushy about selling us a boat ticket, being tired ignored her and went to bed only to learn the next day that she was being helpful as the ferry to our destination only leaves once a day.  Chumpon is a quiet town, so after spending a night booked ourselves a ride on a slow cargo boat to Koh Tao on a night departure. The boat ride took about 6 hours, which we slept in the comforts of our shared cabin, which luckily we arrived early enough to secure couple of beds.

Koh Phangan was beautiful with blue green waters, mountains, and jungle surroundings. Our time was mostly spent on Haad Grud, Haad Salad, Haad Yao, and a short trip to Bottle Beach. We came back to Koh Tao and finished up our time before flying out from Bangkok to Nepal by taking a snorkeling trip, the highlight of which was swimming with Black Tip Reef Sharks. The stops on the way included Shark Bay, Aowleuk, Hin Wong Bay, Mango Bay, and Nang Yuan.

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