Capital of Kyrgyzstan

The capitals of countries we find are usually boring.  Too bureaucratic, lots of monuments, and not to mention expensive.  The capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek is nothing extraordinary either, except for the looming Tian Shan Mountains, which dominate the horizon on clear days.  We came here from Osh to get our visa for Tajikistan and the drive up was amazing, passing snow capped peaks, open grasslands, and alpine lakes. 

At a few high mountain passes, the snow had barely melted from the road and we feared if our car, which wasn't equipped for the conditions would pull through.  On top of that, our young driver drove way too fast and must have burned through all of his profits from being pulled over by the vigilant cops at least 5 times.

Our driver was nice enough to drop us off near at the hotel and even waited for us while the owner came to retrieve us as we couldn't find the location.

Getting our Tajik visa was easy enough, the embassy was easy to find, didn't need an LOI and got our GBAO to visit the Badakshan all in a day.

Woke up the next day to celebrate Sabeen's birthday and found it snowing hard, so got some sweets to celebrate the day at the local bakery.

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