Kyrgyzstan Highlights and Lowlights

Kyrgyzstan is all about natural scenery and the interaction and stories we have are too many for this blog, so here are the highlights instead for brevity:


  • 14 KM hike back from Altyn Arashan through knee deep snow with possibly a chance to see a bear or wolf
  • Million year old petroglyph boulder field of archers, animal hunts, and human figures all to ourselves
  • Endless rounds of green tea
  • No tourists
  • Lake Issakol
  • Burana Tower
  • Hospitality of Osh
  • Receiving a Kalpak as a welcome gesture
  • Eating Lagman
  • Being forced to drink vodka in a car packed full of strangers
  • Getting kicked out of a Kyrgyz hotel after agreeing to the price and conditions
  • Constantly being hassled to show our passports
  • Soviet style hotels

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