Moving South towards the Mediterranean

The town of Bergama boasts some fine Roman ruins as they have left their legacy throughout Turkey.  At our hotel in the morning as we were heading out to get some cheap breakfast, ran into Imdad, an Australian Turkish guy, complete with the accent to go with it.  We chatted for a while and when he found out of our Pakistani origin elected me to cook some masala chicken and opted to buy the supplies for us.  I happily agreed as Sabeen and I hadn't had much of a chance to practice our culinary skills outside of cooking pasta at a few random hotels.

Imdad was nice enough to even chat with the hotel owner and convinced him to drop the price for us even further.  We both grabbed a cheap and filling breakfast of olives, cheese, tomatoes, butter, honey, and Turkish tea.  Walking past the Red Basilica, spotted some carpets being sold and went in to chat with the owner, who of course offered us tea and told us of his 180 year old building and family business going back generations. 

Both of us love conversing with locals and it breaks the monotony of walking around.

It was a hot day, so had originally planned to walk the 6 KMs to the Roman acropolis but ditched the idea and instead walked into a pastry shop and got some free samples of halva.

My masala chicken turned out pretty good as Imdad back at the hotel had already bought the chicken and the rice and were just missing a few key ingredients.  I ducked my head out the window and before long the entire hotel staff was running around to get me what I needed.  We found two guys from Germany and brought them over as well to share in the food.

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