Ruins and a Beach

We weren't initially sure if we wanted to go to the town of Olympos due to its tourist hype and backpack enclaves but initially got drawn to it for its beautiful beach.

We arrived into town with not much of a plan, maybe check out the beach and the ruins and see what other things of interests lie around.  We failed to realize that Olympos is really small and that no ATMs exist here.  OK, so we thought the bus would stop as it usually does for breaks and that we would be able to pull out cash.  The bus didn't stop and now we have no cash and no where to go......

Another annoying thing is that from where we were dropped off, Olympos would still be 12 kms away.

Now this has happened to us before and you would think we would be better prepared but nope, so now what to do?  After sitting at the bus stop for a while, thought about heading to the next town as we have just enough money for another bus ride.  We need to backtrack about 15 kms where there is an ATM, so I try my luck at hitchhiking and see if I can get a ride back.  I try for an hour or so but no one stops, its now starting to get kind of late, we're tired and getting hungry.

OK, plan b, we sit at the roadside restaurant mulling our options, I mean we've come all this way, it would make sense to stay and not have to leave after already enduring a 6 hour bus ride.  While sitting, Sabeen had asked the man from the restaurant if he knew of a way to go back and kindly enough, he had been watching us, so when the next pulled up, he talked with the driver who agreed to just take me back 15 kms so that I could get the needed cash.  Thank god for the lovely Turks.

OK, so I hop on the bus, wave bye to Sabeen, end up back in town, find an ATM, and come back about 2 hours later, since I had to wait for the returning bus.  Whew, by the time I get back, its dark out and find my wife sitting by herself on our bag.  We go back to the restaurant and decide to wait for morning before we start the hike down to Olympos.

As we're sitting there, the man from the restaurant comes by again to give us tea, very nice and then tells us that since he's closing for the night, what are our plans?  We have no place to go, so tell him, we will sleep on the bench until morning.  He dismisses us, calls another worker and orders him to prepare a bed for us...

We end our long day sleeping outside, listening to frogs, watching a full moon on comfortable mattresses and blankets, warm and cozy thanking our lucky stars and the wonderful people of this country.

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