Food Expectation

Upon our return, I was a bit bummed for having to miss out on some of the food we had eaten on the road and relegated myself to eating sub par Westernized international fare.  You see, while on the road, we cooked quite a bit as it was fun because we would visit markets, saved us money, and allowed us to control how much or little we wanted to consume.  Generally, it was a lot as we can both eat......

So, to my surprise, right in my neighborhood, a mega supermarket catering only to international food opened with aisles dedicated to nothing but noodles, tropical fruits, vegetables, fish, sauces, Thai peppers, and more along with ingredients to make food as varied as Mexican, Chinese, Indian, and Middle East.  So far we have delved in Asian cooking but will next follow up with some Mexican and Central American cuisines.

Another plus is that the supermarket is well priced, so that along with the convenience is a definite winner.

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