Travel Insurance

Face it, we need some money to travel and it's a good idea to use some of that cash to buy travel insurance.  When we were planning for our trip, we weren't too sure about which company to go with and what kind of coverage one would need.  We knew that since we would be backpacking without a fixed itinerary, we would need the kind of coverage that would protect us globally in the event of the unfortunate.  Going to hospitals in Nepal would be another story but hey, at least we'd be protected.

Since backpacking also comes with its unique challenges, we wanted to make sure we were in good hands with an insurance provider.  We decided to go with World Nomads as our insurer, as they gave us the global coverage we wanted, we could renew on the road, the rates were reasonable, and they had a lot of traveler testimonials, which meant they were plugged into the needs of independent travelers. 

There is a caveat to remember about deductibles.  While in Cambodia, Sabeen had needed to see a doctor, so when we contacted the insurance, they told us that the bill would have to be at least or exceed $150 for refund, which ours wasn't.  So, really the insurance is good for bigger accidents and not for penny pinching and filing for claims for day to day things like cuts, bruises, and the occasional bout of sickness.

The ironic things is that throughout our travels, thankfully we didn't really need much of the insurance coverage, except towards the end, when we had let it lapse as we were getting ready to turn around and I developed a skin infection on my hand in Singapore.  It was good that at least it happened in Singapore, where the care facilities have high standards and are clean and hygienic.  It wasn't too bad though, doctor visit, consultation, and medicine, all for about $100.

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