Tajik Towns

Getting around the "Stans" isn't always easy as there aren't any buses and only private cars will go once they are full.

We caused a small argument when the driver that we had agreed to the day before couldn't leave due to lack of passengers, so when we returned tne next day another driver tried to pull us into his car, which resulted in a punch getting thrown and some pushing and shoving from the drivers. Luckily it was broken up quickly and we slipped into the car with our driver.

The towns that we visited during our time here were:
  • Murgab - The first town from Osh, where we did a homestay with Gulnara's family.  Drove deep in the Pamirs to Shakthy to look at cavemen drawings of a buffalo hunt.
  • Khorog - The heart of the GBAO with lots of Aga Khan NGO work going on and a young population with good universities.
  • Ishkashim - Village town, had a chance to attend a Tajik wedding.
  • Langar - On the drive stopped at Khakka and Yumchun Fortress, Vrang, Bibi Fatima Springs, and Abrashim Qala.
  • Namadgut - Did a wonderful home stay with Bibimo and her father Ivan and family.
  • Darst - Neighbouring village from Namadgut where we often took our daily walks.
  • Varzob - Neighboring town from Dushanbe with nicer people and better scenery.
  • Takob - Took a nice walk from Varzob to explore the mountains and the many waterfalls.
  • Dushanbe - Capital of Tajikistan with lots of Soviet style monuments, expensive restaurants/hotels, and nothing too extraordinary.

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