Food on the Road

Some of the best and cheapest food we had was on road stops on the numerous buses we took during our trip.
  • Indonesia:  The food comes to you as many vendors board the bus and sell bananas, Nasi Goreng, Lontong, gelatinous rice, and fruit juices
  • Laos:  Rolling past endless rows of fried duck and chicken sold on wooden carts
  • Thailand:  Delicious spring rolls with equally delicious sweet and spicy sauce
  • Nepal:  Hot tandoor roti with daal, rice, and vegetables served on long tables.  The food is all you can eat as women go around with a bucket and ladle and pour more food into your plate until the bus leaves.........delicious
  • China:  Uighur food is finger licking and we had plenty of it in tiny restaurants warmed by a wood stove with diners gathered all around drinking pots of green tea and delicious mutton with greasy nans or pasta
  • Tajikistan:  Sitting on the floor eating nan, fresh yogurt, and mutton
  • Cambodia:  Delicious coconut rice, fish, and noodles

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