More of the Mediterranean Coast

Our arrival into Fethiye was typical.  Got into the town around the afternoon and except this time were asked at the bus station if we had a place to stay by one of the men working there.  We asked for a place with a kitchen and surprisingly were offered a ride to the hotel. 

Sabeen is the negotiator and both of us have been trying to stick to paying the local price, which we think is cheap enough but don't know for sure.  Anyway, we go back and forth with the price, the man doesn't agree, we walk out, look for other pensions, only to return because the others are far away and I don't feel like lugging the pack around.  We did find a place offering us a mattress in the dining area but would have to scram around 7 AM before breakfast started. Didn't take it......

Our place is pretty decent, the room is large, definitely has a nice kitchen, and is nearby to the harbor, about a 10 minute walk.

There are some Lycian tombs in town like the ones in Petra cut into the rock face and while walking to one, ran into Michael from Poland and decided to spend time together.  He was also looking for a place to stay, so suggested the place with the mattress, since he's on even a tighter budget and has been camping along the way.

Fethiye is a big town with a pretty harbor and lots of sailboats.  We'll spend a few days here and have a look around.

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