Quiet Koychez

Our arrival into Koychez wasn't exactly at the most civil hour having been dropped off at 3 AM.  Both were really tired, so at the deserted otogar (bus station) found a seat and decided to snooze for a bit since no hotels would be open until 6 or so.  I have been completely conditioned to sleep on chairs, even hard ones, so did doze off.

After looking at a few pensions, found something decent after waking up the snoozing owner and negotiated on the price.  The hotel is made more lively by Celine, a transvestite who loves Sabeen and her brown complexion and won't stop complimenting her.  We both took a liking to her and her energetic personality.

The town is built around a small square with a market, a huge lake surrounded by mountains, cafes, and a few shops.  You come to Koychez for peace and quiet as there is really one main road with a few pensions, couple of restaurants, and some stone houses. 

When we usually show up in a new town, it isn't always obvious what is there so orienteering ourselves is important and small towns are great because you don't have to go far to eat.  Our stomachs were calling so at the market scored a delicious meal of fresh bread with spinach, baklava, nan being prepared by women on the floor working the dough with a stove and pan nearby, and a sweet porridge with chickpeas.  There were vendors selling fresh honey, yogurt, and jams, everything looked delicious so walked around getting as many samples as possible.

We took our lunch over to the dock and sat listening to the lapping waves, watching the few bobbing boats, and couple of Turks sipping tea and playing cards.

Next day, went out to a nearby waterfall for a swim and followed a few locals on a dirt trail winding through the woods.  It was a big waterfall and the few kids cliff diving were fearless.  We both sat on the rocks watching them showoff for us and finally got the courage to join them. 

Walking back, stood on the side of the road until a passing dolmus passed on hopped on back to town.  The evening was passed chatting with Celine and an English woman who came on a whim and decided to stay.

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