Food so Far

I went walking in my neighborhood of Montmarte and went up to Sacre Coeur today.  Its an interesting neighborhood more culturally diverse with Muslim mini marts, Jewish pastry shops, and Middle East restaurants. 

The day was warmer but rainy and despite the gray skies the shimmering cobbled stones street added character to this already charmed city. 

The real surprise of the day was the bustling market atop the stairs outside the church brimming with food vendors manning stalls selling fresh cheeses, honey, Foie Gras, sausages, baguettes, oysters, wines, and beers.  Many of the food was ready to be consumed so I had a duck sandwich and a few samples of delicious cheeses.

The French love their food and despite the weather will happily sit outside a cafe and eat or drink just to be social and enjoy.  I saw people sitting on park benches shucking oysters and washing it all down with wine.  Even saw a little kid pop a cork on a botte.

My feet were starting to hurt from the many hours of walking from yesterday, so after a rest at home, went out for dinner.  It was a quirky Italian restaurant, run by an elderly man, who as soon as we walked in put on the record player.  The place had no menu, so after agreeing to the delicious sounding food, settled in for the evening.  The food was good, except my chicken dish tasted the same as the pasta but the fried egg plant in olive oil and the picked vegetables were delicious.

Great way to start the week.

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