Travel Network

You might ask, what's a good was to stay connected with fellow travelers or even get inspired to travel yourself and find that spark to light the fire.  OK, here are a few quick ways to do that.  One is through a local Meetup ( , which has events for everything under the sun.  We opted to join ones that allow us to share our travel experiences by showing photos and telling our stories.  We get to talk with other travelers through face-to-face forums to get ideas and inspire each other with our shared passion.

Another is through joining groups via Facebook, such as, which is a community of travel bloggers and thus a great way for us to get ideas and get in touch with people doing what we enjoy.

I also like to follow other bloggers and stay in tune with how they are going about reporting their experiences and also to learn about different writing and blog styles.  I post comments to articles that I find motivating and interesting, which allows our blog to be linked to theirs.

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