Thailand, I Didn't Care For

I know a lot of people either dream of going to Thailand or the ones who have been there rave about it.  We were the same prior to us visiting the country as it is far away from the US and the long journey itself makes it seem exotic and wonderful.  However, once we saw Thailand and spent about a month or so in the country, really didn't care for it.  Shocking, but I found the country full of tourists, yes it was discovered a long time ago, not the smiling Thais that everyone talks about, maybe because we are brown and in SE Asia fair skin goes a lot further, and horrible customer service at the tourist offices in Bangkok.

Also, the food wasn't that great, it seemed like it was catered for tourists and it was hard to find anything authentic.  We had far better food in Cambodia.  About the only thing that was great about Thailand and maybe worth exploring more were the beaches and the islands such as Koh Tao and Koh Pha Ngan, these I admit were amazing.  My opinion, if you go to Thailand, go for the island beaches only.

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