How to Create Passion

Like all things in life, having passion makes achieving your goals possible along with identifying those goals. Lots of people are talking about passion these days, could it be that despite our comfortable living, we're just not satisfied with life and are seeking something else....As a child you are passionate about what you are interested in, it’s fun to go out and explore and learn and engage yourself fully in whatever it is you are excited about.

And the key point is this, when you do something passionately, with enthusiasm, you’ll achieve what you want. For us it has always been a pretty singular desire to see the world, explore other cultures, and see ourselves as part of a bigger pie, all I believe in line with our desire to travel. When we set out to travel, we had a few naysayers, more disbelievers basically telling us that it wasn't a good idea, one even went as far to tell me that I might "die". Geez, take it easy, we're going traveling for god's sake, not war.

So, how did we develop the urge and the desire to travel. For me, it was easy, I blame it on my parents, not because they traveled much but as a little kid instilled in me to be curious about the world. Growing up, I would read National Geographic's every article and would run my fingers across the maps to imagine distant places. I think also growing up in a foreign country also shaped my desire to see more of the world and to find my own identity among the masses. I have always kept my passion at the top of my priority list, the first conversation I had with my fiance, now my wife of two years was if she wanted to travel. We had a house, all the things that go with it but cut everything down to a basic, so we could free ourselves and go and we did. It also helps that neither one of us is a hoarder and so keeping junk out of our lives is made relatively easier.

To get enthusiastic, learn more about the thing you are not sure about, for instance, when we started traveling, I had never kept a blog or had much interest in them but now, I find them really interesting because I can share my thoughts, develop my writing skills, and through it have found another thing to get excited about. Passion is like a muscle, it grows and develops when it is used and pushed just that little bit outside of its comfort zone. If a muscle is not used it wastes away. Passion is no different, if you don’t experience it for a while then it will be harder and harder to access it in the future. Many people are not passionate because they don’t even know their purpose in life. How can you have passion for something if you don’t even know what it is? Making a list of things that you love and that get you excited is a good start.  According to Alexandra Levit, author of "Blind Spots", goal setting has to do with our biological and psychological makeup and it seems to be hardwired in our brains.  The brain can't distinguish between the things we want and things we have.  The brain treats the failure to achieve a goal the same way that it treats the loss of a valued possession, and up until the moment the goal is achieved, it is looked upon as a failure.  This sets up a constant tension that the brain seeks to resolve by driving us towards accomplishment.  Good advice from an challenge yourself and don't be afraid to shake things up.

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