Making Change Happen

We all have goals and desires, things that we want to do or accomplish but getting from point A to point B requires moving in the right direction, which comes from taking initiative and a belief in your yourself.  My goal is to make money by traveling and see at least 100 countries in the next 12 years.  For some, this may not sound ambitious and for some others unrealistic.  So, how did I come to setting this goal for myself?  Well, I have also had an interest in traveling that really peaked after our year long backpacking trip, one could say the trip wouldn't have happened had we not had such wanderlust to begin with.  Kind of like chicken or egg syndrome.

So, what am I doing to get myself closer to realizing my goal?  I have taken a few steps in the right direction, such as doing work that will allow me to move around the world and get paid.  I started by looking to see what was out there and there is a lot, so that was good, gave me some confidence.  I then took the initiative and started doing some research on what would work for us.  We have a working plan in place with the hope of executing it soon next year.  Yes we are a little nervous but also more excited.

So, the hard part is giving yourself permission to go after your dreams and having imagination guided by creativity and not fear to propel you forward.  Most people gave up dreaming and have traded a life of routine and a rat race, which they think is normal. 

We are humans, we need change, we need to grow, we need to evolve, we need people.  Trade the life that you've been taught is normal to living one for yourself.

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