Preparation is Everything

I really believe being prepared is everything but what are you preparing for?  The answer can be different for each one of us.  For me, it is about being healthy and giving my body exercise, proper nutrition for both mind and body.  I run about three times a week and on off days go for moderate walks to keep my muscles loose and prevent aches and pains.  I never eat fast food and instead cook my meals at home where I can control the ingredients and the portion sizes.  When I do eat out, I stick with wholesome meals and never processed anything, such as white bread, preservatives, etc.  I also don't drink sodas and instead drink water or green tea.  I always try and eat a salad for dinner and top it off with olive oil, lemon juice, and black pepper.  I don't drink juices and instead cut fruits and make a salad.

I pray as much as I can to calm my mind to give me focus and courage to go after my dreams.

This preparation gives me clarity of mind and allows me to lead a healthy life in pursuit of my goals.

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